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OutWorld Fleet Radio has a new website!

When I posted a few months ago about The FNPS joining OFR, I also noted that they were working on building out a new website. OutWorld Fleet Radio's new website is now live, and it looks great!

What does this mean? It means that, in addition to being live-to-air Friday nights at 8pm Eastern and being released as a podcast the following day (usually), you can also catch past episodes of The Friday Night Parkdale Special streaming on Friday at 10pm Eastern. They started re-airing the entire series about two months ago, so by my estimation that means that the next episode will probably be Episode 25, on Riotgrrrls.

So if you missed the original broadcast, aren't much for podcasts, and would like to catch up, OutWorld Fleet Radio has you covered! They've been active since 2017 and have a lot of great programming that covers a range of genres and geeky topics. From hip hop to hi-fi, poetry to gaming, and lots in between, with hosts like Syrinx and Alia Synesthesia (who can be seen on Twitch as well), it's 24-7 entertainment.

Many thanks to the OutWorld Fleet crew for including The FNPS in their roster!


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