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Patrons! Start your planning!

illustration of a box wrapped in blue star-covered paper, and tied with a gold bow

Patrons, I have been remiss in adding content to the Patreon page. As someone with ADHD, I think I need to make a list of all the various media platforms I need to tend to for the show, and cycle through them to keep things fresh. Otherwise, I just focus on the key ones, and others lie fallow, which is not great. Sorry about that!

To make up for this, I spent some time this morning adding upcoming themes to the show's calendar. In addition to the show themes that are date-specific (and therefore nailed down as much as anything I do is), I've also added a number of "tentative" slots. This gives me a sense of direction, and you a sense of transparency, but it also allows me to change my mind should I end up going down a rabbit hole that demands my attention RIGHT NAOW, or if something happens in the world that I feel a need to address as soon as possible. Both of which have happened before, and will absolutely happen again, heh.

If you're not a Patron but are considering becoming one, check out my Patreon page and see if there's a level that fits your budget. You can get access to my scratchpad, where I put all my ideas for future shows, as well as the show's calendar, and special-request birthday episodes.



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