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I've been working on redoing the booth this week, so website work has taken a backseat, but that doesn't mean that I've forgotten that Monday marked three full years since I began doing this show! In the words of the unforgettable Ralph Wiggum, that's unpossible! 

But it's for real and for true, and we'll be celebrating that on Friday, March 24th. Tune in with your noisemakers and party hats! It should be a good time.





You may have noticed that there were a couple of weeks missed in February, and that there's an episode missing in the archive. Meatspace concerns got in the way of online ones during February, and I'm working on getting caught up. The second half of Quiet Storm will still be happening, but at another time. Episode 143 - originally a bonus show - will be posted soonish.

Also, this particular page is going to become more blog than billboard, because sometimes it's nice to have a record of Things That Happened. Stay tuned!

(Art credit: "Chaos" by Takashi Murakami, 2013)




Hailing from Ohio, OutWorld Fleet Radio is an online station that celebrates all things nerdy and fun, crossing a variety of genres - so The FNPS fits right in!


The FNPS is now streaming on OutWorld Fleet Radio, beginning with the episode on Florian Schneider, which is where the show really began to gel. The FNPS airs on OutWorld on Fridays at 11PM Eastern.

OutWorld is currently in the middle of site redesigns, but you can listen to the station at any time on Live365, or join the fanpage on Facebook

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