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about joyrider

I chose the name Joyrider as a reference to two things: how I skate and how I DJ. I love a smooth ride. I don't skateboard much anymore, but I still DJ and I don't see that stopping any time soon.

I started DJing in 1998, primarily playing melodic and uplifting trance. Through the 90s and the aughts, I played sporadically at places like Area 51 and the Bassmint, had a radio show on CKRG, popped up to play the chill-out room at Darkrave once, and played a Pride gig as well. I never really had the stomach for self-promotion though, so I stopped playing gigs and stuck to making mixes for myself and friends. 

That is, until the pandemic. A couple of DJ friends pulled me out and we streamed from The Mix until everything got fully locked down, and then we streamed from Other Places until late winter 2021. Since then, I've participated in a handful of raid trains on Twitch, a number of which have been charity streams with EBM Worldwide.

No matter what I'm playing, or what gear I'm playing it on, one thing never changes: I love music.


about the friday night parkdale special

The radio show started on a whim the first Friday after we locked down here because of the pandemic. I figured it would be a one-off for my friends, but we all enjoyed it so much that I decided I'd keep doing it until I got tired of it. Over 150 episodes and I'm not sick of it yet!

The first few episodes were done with what I had on hand, and it did not sound great. Over time, I got better gear and proper software, made my own little intro theme, and even built a website. So much for a one-off!

What makes the rocket go:

Radiomast, Icecast, Mixxx, Wavepad, Mixpad, Blue Snowball mic, GIMP, Podbean, Wix...and momos >.>

Opening theme credit:

Cosmic Baby - "Fantasia"


the feline co-hosts


silent J


floofmaster Toby

age: 9

likes: galloping at top speed, noisy toys

hates: being picked up

most likely to: sneak-attack G

age: 6

likes: belly rubs, fresh catnip

hates: waiting for dinner

most likely to: chew through a cable

gone but not forgotten: past feline co-hosts


chatty G

age: 15

likes: attention, kitty go-gurt

hates: silent J's sneak attacks, being ignored

most likely to: yell during a broadcast


lady Venus

age: 15

likes: snuggle naps

hates: being cold

most likely to: sleep on a laptop

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